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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Season of Transition

Season of Transition
Season of Transition
SKU#: PROD29525
Price: $10.00

This MUST HEAR WORD is a prophetic message taken from the book of Joshua.  It will prepare you to cross over and possess what God has spoken to you.  We are living in a season where God is raising up the remnant, bringing them from behind the scene to center stage, for Daniel 2:21 says, "God changes the times & seasons, He removes kings and set up kings.”   

If you are READY and if you desire to step into your next level of anointing, this CD is a MUST! Just as the Lord instructed Joshua, he will instruct you, too. If you know that this is your season of transition, don’t miss this rare opportunity that God’s has ordained for you.

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