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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Karen Presley | Apostolic Mentoring | Prophetic Insight


Apostolic Mentoring is one of the most powerful systems for supernatural development and transformation. This Kingdom model of development is relational and experiential based. This means that the apostolic support, oversight and counsel needed, is in place as you learn to engage life fearlessly and head on.
Years ago, God showed me about the "changing of the guards" that was happening in the Kingdom.  He took me to the account of Saul and David.  Saul was king, but after he disobeyed, God rent the kingdom from Saul and told Samuel to anoint David (a man after His own heart.)  In the natural Saul was still in position, but God's hand was no longer on Saul, but now on David.  David went from being a shepherd boy for his father, to armor bearer to Saul, to killing Goliath, to being captain of the army, to running for his life in the wilderness.  It was in these changing of events (process) that God was making David into the vessel He needed to lead Israel into many victorious battles. 
Prophetically this is where the church is today.  Many Saul's are in position, but God's hand is no longer on them, but on the David's, the remnant that He is raising up.  Many people have this stirring of God on the inside of them.  They think it is something wrong with them because they hear different from what they sit under and they do not know where to go, who to seek help from, or what to do.
This is why Apostolic Mentoring was birthed.  God has bought many people my way who are wandering in the wilderness without any real understanding to the process of coming into their perspective place in God.  God's training goes way beyond church service.
So now I ask you, can you imagine living life Out-Loud and in an unconventional manner? Imagine declaring with deep conviction what you truly believe and not fearing backlash from others? Imagine fear bowing as you take leaps of faith, experiencing, the power and authority of our living Christ? That's what Apostolic Mentoring is about. It's about YOU being transformed so YOU through the power of Holy Spirit can transform others. 
They are many great coaches and preppers, but if you were drawn to this site or me, then there is a mark of alignment to align you correctly for the greater purpose on your life.  With the resources supplied, you will hear anointed teaching and gain the correcting, nudging, chastising and cutting of God to get you to the place of Christ being fully formed in you (Galatians 4:19) for the birthing of who you are and for the greater purpose of God.


  • Equipping leaders in the ways of God, not religion.
  • Understanding the different stages of God.
  • Understanding spiritual authority, God's timing and His faithfulness during difficult seasons.
  • Growing up in spiritual discernment.
  • Provide insight into maneuvering on the God's battlefield - spiritual warfare.
  • Assisting you in identifying your calls and gifts.
  • Provide fellowship, mentoring and support.
  • Provide apostolic direction, correction and resources.
Designed For
  • Those who are in transition; at a crossroad in your life.  Everything is changing but you don't know what to do.
  • The David's – God's hand is on you, but you're not sure how to maneuver through the making process.
  • The Elijah's – The brook has dried up, now GO to the place where I have commanded the widow woman to feed you OR you're inwardly running from Jezebel.
  • The Joshua's – Follow the Ark because where God is taking you won't look like where you've been before.
Investment is defined as:  the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.  
We make investments every day.  We invest in that daily coffee or caffeine run, eating out, grocery story, hairdressers, nails and feet done, the cleaners, latest technology, gas in our vehicles, etc.  We invest in the upkeep of our outer appearance or the monthly parking garage fee or subway ride to wide.
Society understand investment in the natural, but the church does not understand it in the spiritual.  When we sow in the natural, we are getting exactly what we paid for with NO residual benefits that outlast what we purchased.

When you sow into another man's anointing; via a service we are rendering or donations, it is tapping into another man's grace (Phil 4:17).  The oil and grace on my life is extended to your life through partnership.  In the same manner that we know not how a baby is formed in a mother's womb (Ecc 11:5); is how we do not know how the seed, prayer and counsel, cultivates and abounds in our spiritual lives towards destiny.  

Initial Deposit is $295.00 and monthly sessions is $109.00.  

For more information on scheduling, call 202.251.5616 or email: kpm@karenpresley.org