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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Karen Presley-Entrepreneur | Anointed Press Graphics

Celebrating 20 Years In Business
Anointed Press Graphics, Inc. - also known as APGI is the vision of Karen M. Presley. APGI started doing business in January 2003.  We are your one stop to all your graphics, printing, book publishing and websites needs.  APGI is a Christian based company that was formed through a spoken word. 

APGI is also an active member in the community and in the ministry.  APGI is a full service company that designs and prints an array of products upon request by the customer.  We design and print on a timely and cost effective basis.  An added value to the customer is APGI's demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field of graphic design and printing.  Please visit our website and see how we can assist you in your future endeavors. 
Anointed Press Publishers- is a Christian resource provider of newly written books from upcoming authors. As a one stop self-publishing company, we provide all publishing services from beginning to end. We specialize in helping you publish your book the way you want it to be published. Anointed Press Publishers realizes that you invest many years of your lives in your writing. With a lot of publishing companies, the rights belong to publishers and the majority of the royalties belong to them as well.

We know that it is both exciting and scary to publish your own book so we walk you through every step of the process so that the end result is a book you will be proud to sell and share with the world.  We specialize in short-run printing for self-published authors.  From book printing to binding, Anointed Press Publishers will provide for all your self-publishing needs and help make your dream of being a published author a reality.  We work for you and provide you just the publishing services you need when you need them.  Visit our store by clicking on link.
Daughters of Zion Deliverance Ministries, Inc., - DZEC is a 501 (c)(3) Christian outreach ministry that provides services to women who are emotionally wounded. DZEC is a ministry that arrest the emotional effects of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is bondage without the physical ropes and ties.  It binds you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  DZEC gives you awareness that you can bypass these issues.  We empower women of all backgrounds and help them to become the women they were created to be.

7 Steps to Wholeness & Completeness- is a course that will help build women from the inside out. The Word of God will be used to restore hope to those who are in despair. Click HERE and view testimonials from this class.