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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Maryland Coaching Success Stories

Birthing Your Dreams - Testimonials
Powerful workshop.  Every business owner needs to go to THIS workshop.  The woman of GOd stretched us to capacity!  Broke us down and then built us back up again... unlocked some things that have been lying dormant in ME.  I'm ready to move forward. - D. Coleman
Birthing Your Dreams workshop helps you to live beyond fear and rejection while giving birth to purpose and destiny. - T. Mack
Birthing Your Dream workshop helps build your confidence in God, in yourself and in what you are called to do.  There are hidden steps in the teaching of her workshop that leads you to the pathway of confidence.  Karen gets you engaged with your thinking process to enhance the dream passion God placed inside of you to get you moving forward toward your destiny. -- T. Edelen
This workshop was empowering.  Great insight ignited because of the way Pastor Karen pulls out of you what is in you.  She teaches you how to bring to reality all your dreams. -- E. Nicholas
This class re-energized me to focus on my dreams.  Karen was excellent, interactive and helped me see me clearly.  Amazing experience and would recommend it highly to both men and women. -- S. Jackson
This workshop was well worth the time.  It allowed us to connect our dreams and goals with the inner forces that attempt to inhibit us from reaching those dreams.  Great class to get one to the next level! -- Dr. L. Campbell
Pastor Karen is a dynamic, energetic and relevant voice to all who have a dream but need help and direction.  What a great class that sparked an awareness that God placed greatness in me.  -- I. Brown
I truly was blessed by this class.  I got so much information, to help me move forward toward my mission.  This class was outstanding.  Really made me look deep within myself to see how I self-sabotage my own dreams.  I really needed this push to get started, got so many great ideas and now I'm motivated to get started moving. -- T. Eugene
This workshop was excellent.  Pastor Karen has a God-given talent to help anyone identify and set goals to move forward to fulfill their destiny.  I left this workshop truly inspired!!! - D. Thaxton
Through interaction & challenging fears, this class allowed me to idenify not only what was holding me back but creating the next step toward my future and God-given talent. - C. Drew
Everyone knows what their dreams are, but DO NOT KNOW what is holding them back to get to the next level.  This class opened my mind and my current mindset that's stopping me from moving forward.  Not just know what my goals are, but this class helped me develop goals with deadlines.  I loved this class. - S. Lee
This workshop was encouraging & inspirational.  We went step-by-step determing what empowers our dreams and what limits us moving forward. This coupled with defining our dreams catapulted us to a higher level beyond the comfort zone toward dream realization. - G. Reaves
This class was so informative & awesome.  It was so much more than a regular business workshop, but integrating personal developmen along with Kingdom business that will ensure that you follow the purpose assigned to your life. - N. Tyson
Building Your Business Beyond a Hobby - Testimonials

Great class!  I suggest to anyone who is considering doing business, in business or needing to take their business to the next level to take this class. It is a MUST workshop. - J. Macklin

I gained so much valuable information from the Branding and Self Publishing webinar.  You made me really think during these webinars.  The information shared was worth more than what I paid for these webinars.  An investment well spent.  - L. El

The Branding your Business webinar was very informative and insightful.  I never thought about some of the things that Ms. Presley taught in what I needed to build my business.  Ms. Presley really got me to think about where I am trying to go in my business.  I look forward to more webinars. - A. Pitt

You brought the Word forth with such clarity and power that I was able to understand it and receive those powerful nuggets that made me think and re-assess myself. God bless you. - S. McBride

Thank you for sharing simple, common sense and thought provoking information on building a business.  I was challenged to change my mindset about business. - K. McCray

I am ready to go to the next level to start my home base business. Thank you Karen for the great interactive and fun workshop; this class was very rewarding. - D. Triplett

This seminar has blessed my life and filled me with much wisdom. - Z. Barnes

This class was exactly what I needed to stay motivated to build my business. I gained excellent strategies for marketing - for stepping out of my box and being more proactive. - B. Miller

I thank God our paths crossed.  This workshop has taught be that I need to change my mindset and become more disciplined and self motivated to build my business. - S. Mickens

Not only was this workshop enjoyable; but the knowledge acquired was immeasurable. Ms. Presley is very knowledgeable and per presentation was very down to earth and easy to understand. I highly recommend this workshop - S. Brown


What a workshop! Thank you. This workshop was well worth it. Karen was excellent and very knowledgeable. I thank her for sharing her expertise and to instill what she knows to others. - M. Douglass


This workshop was the most helpful and informational business workshop I've ever attended. I can truly say that I am now ready and can go take my business to the plateau in which God wants me to. In this class I learned how to change my mindset to an entrepreneur and away from just a hobby. The down to earth and real talk experiences and knowledge was great. I am truly inspired and blessed that I was able to attend her class and it was excellent to set under her. - A. Parker


Self Publishing 101 - Testimonials

This webinar provided so much wisdom and insight into the book writing process for me.  I gained the knowledge needed to make my book a success.  I highly recommend this webinar. - D. Salley
I really enjoyed the webinar on Saturday.  I can honestly tell you that before the class I had doubts about if I could actually write a book, but by the middle of the class I knew I could do it.  Thank you so much. - D. Strange
This workshop has certainly opened my eyes to the world of writing books & self-publishing.  Karen is a suburb minister of accurate information and knowledge as well as a prophetic voice who speaks to what's inside of you. - L. Dyett, Jr.

This class has really opened my eyes in getting a better understanding to the mindset of an author. I have learned valuable information in a simplified manner. This information has defined my writing style and now, I can leap forward in my writing career. Thank you, for offering this class as a webinar, I was able to retain the information from the comfort of my home. - A. Hayes

Wow!  So much information in such a little bit of time.  A value packed 4 hours. - A. Foster
This workshop has inspired and motivated me to "produce" the books that are planted inside of me.  Karen shares a wealth of knowledge that is necessary to be a successful author. - E. Battle
The best money, I ever spent.  Wealth of knowledge, effective and motivating.  I'm ready! - A. Greene
I thoroughly enjoyed Karen Presley's class "Learn to Self-Publish". Karen is a self-taught author and publisher herself. She helped me expand the scope of my book so it will be more marketable. Her class opened my eyes as to how authors can easily self-publish their works. And it's more affordable than I thought. Karen has a wealth of knowledge regarding printing and self-publishing. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to meet Karen. -- Patricia A. Mitchell, Executive Vice President, Industrial Bank
This workshop was awesome! I really appreciate your knowledge regarding publishing and marketing of your business and how God has truly used you as a platform. You are a trail blazer for writers and I learned a lot and will move into what God has for me. -- C. Jackson
This class supported me to take the guess work out of the whole book writing idea I had.  It also gave me encouragement to keep moving and removed the fear of doing it. -- R. Proctor
This class gave me the necessary tools and information to get unstuck & refocused on publishing my book, because there is an audience waiting to hear "my story." -- V. Bandy
Great workshop!  If you are interested in learning how to get a book published, this is the class for you! -- B. Fischer

This workshop was very informative! I learned a lot of information regarding publishing my book. It was truly inspirational and I am excited about completing my project and reaching my goals. -- I. Scott

This class was very informative. The knowledge received gave me greater insight into what actually goes into writing a book as well as publishing and marketing. The cost to attend was very affordable for the wealth of knowledge received. -- C. Davis

This class really motivated me to finish my novel. I am so excited to complete my project and look forward to working with Karen to publish my book. -- K. Edwards

Karen Presley imparted great information that has motivated me to complete what is being birthed in me concerning this book assignment. I highly recommend this class to any first time authors. Thank you! -- C. Howard

One-On-One Coaching


I travel 92 miles round trip for my life coaching sessions. I actually believe they are life saving sessions. Over the past 18 years, I've seen 7 different psycho-therapist with really minimal results. I was in survival mode and that's how I was used to living -- just surviving. Pastor Karen, by God's hand has been able to demolish layers and restore in a short period of time. Now, I am living and experiencing LIFE. -- Tiffany, Baltimore, MD


Karen Presley is an incredibly gifted and anointed woman of God who sheds light on the relevance profound walk with God on a much more personal level. Her personal style, humble spirit, direct to the heart of the matter input made my meetings with her welcoming and inviting. She helped to unlock some of the mystery of life experiences that served as hindrances in my growth potential. I am thankful for her depth and willingness to lead those who are willing to journey toward healing through the Holy Spirit ushered by Karen Presley.- D. Horn

Coach Karen, I am too excited about my process of giving birth to my new and refreshing reality. I'm working on my next list and looking forward to uncovering some more roadblocks on my path. This is truly worth the time and effort!!! Michael L.
Lives Touched Along the Journey
I would like to give thanks on the wondrous works of the Lord, our God. I injured my knee and was in terrible pain and had to take a lot of medicines and had to get around with crutches. In addition I was depressed, because I lost my ability to be active and mobile. My x-rays and news was not good and the doctor said there was not much if any cartilage left in my knee. My meniscus was torn. The afternoon before I went to get the results of the MRI, I came into Karen's shop to take care of business, she prayed and layed hands on me that I would not have to have surgery. When I saw the doctor, she had a puzzled look on her face and said, "If I weren't sure of your age, I would swear that this was the MRI of a much younger woman. This does not look to be the knee of a 52 year old woman. This knee is good." To God Be The Glory! Thank you for allowing God to use you.

Mrs. J.D. McCall

 Karen, I wanted to let you know that you prayed for my knee in 2006 because I had a torn ACL. In sports medicine, this injury requires surgery. I wanted you to know that I am completely healed and had NO SURGERY. Thank God for you, for you are truly a gift to the body of Christ.
Coach Will Rankin
Pastor Karen, you are truly anointed by God. Thank you for placing such a healing on my life. It was no accident that we met in another ministry years ago. God knew that I would have to be delivered from depression, fear and unforgiveness at this appointed time in order to move into the destiny that He has for me. I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the persistence to find you and to partner with your ministry. In January 2009, depression and fear consumed me so bad that I just wanted to give up. I am so humbled and grateful that God loved me so much that placed me in the care of one of His anointed preachers. Because of your ministry, I have given all control to God and truly prepared to walk into my destiny. Thank you for instilling in me to truly submit and tell God "I Trust YOU". I am now grounded in His Word and always seeking His Presence.

Natachia Gourdine-Tyson